Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Spring Cleaning

Yes, this is a new post, stop gawking. Now, just need to do some spring cleaning and status check my blog. Lets see...
  • Chatterbox has deleted my account due to long periods of inactivity. Had to make a new one.

  • My cat Neko, which used to run around this blog since late January, went missing. *sob*

Ok, good to go! Hope I still have time for my lab report and sleep after this.

Due to popular demand, I'm kicking this blog out of hibernation (ouch, my foot hurts, lol. j/k). Hopefully I can give this blog insomia too, hehe.

I'm too lazy to continue where I left off. Its so long ago. Besides, I'd live longer if I forget about it.

So, starting afresh!

Recently, I've joined a photography forum. The reason is not solely to see what people think of my work, or see what other's work. No, I've got a higher goal. There is a competition going on. 10 pictures (2 per category) gets shortlisted per month for 4 months. Those who get shortlisted gets a vest. Cool. But the grand prize winner gets a RM6k camera. At the time the competition started this month, that camera is one of the latest, and among the best.

Yes... I want it! I need a new camera before going to Australia anyway (preferably before Prom Nite, could use it to shoot nice pics in the dark). The categories are:

  1. Portrait/Models/Glamour
  2. Landscape/Nature/Animals
  3. Macro/Still-life/Products
  4. Buildings/Architecture
  5. Cars/Bikes/Trucks

I'm no good at portraits. Heck, I'm not even a people person. Buildings, all I can shoot is IICP, lol. That's a Vehicles are a too. I don't fancy those stuff. That leaves me with only two categories. Wish me luck! Its an uphill battle T_T. (Feel free to drop by, some of those pics are simply heavenly, I mean it!)

Today, it was raining when I went to college. Thankfully, I had my umbrella handy. As I walked out of the hostel, I saw some foreign students trying to wait out the rain. I wanted to pick one and send him to college but when I saw them holding a cigarrette, I darted off. Yes, they boo-ed me, but who cares? Hmph!

I didn't head straight for college anyway. Snapped some photos in the rain, at the cost of soaking my camera in drain water. Thankfully, its still working, and its just drain water, not stinking drain water. Here's the result:

Wonderful how the ordinary can look extrodinary isn't it?

Okok, enough on photography, I'm sure you folks are snoring already. Can hear you from here.

There was also a maths test today. This time we've got a formula booklet. Yayz~ so happy to see it. Can solve the problems with much much more confidence.

While waiting for Dr. Ooi to come and open the door to our class, I was reading the news outside. The Star publications has been kind enough to provide free papers. Hehe.

Then one of my juniors (this girl has a knack at bullying me), gave me a little shock while I was concentrating on the news. So I gave chase. The janitor happen to be mopping the floor with detergent.



She sprained her ankle while my elbow is blue-black. My sunglasses box was squished (thankfully the contents are intact). Mostly my fault because I fell first. On my way down, I kicked her foot. Football fans should be able to imagine the scene quite well, lol.

Oww... my poor elbow......

Dr. Ooi gave some petri dishes to me and some of my classmates. The contents are sterile potato dextrose agar (for fungi culture) and nutrient agar (for bacterial culture). We're supposed to collect some samples and let the new HSC lecturer try to extract DNA from it. I collected my sample from the air in the cybercafe (sat there for 2 1/2 hours). Chin Lin got her's from the drain. Let's see what happens next.

This time, our bacterial and fungi culture should be far more sucessful. We have all the right equipment this time, unlike last year. Autoclave machine... luminar flow... and a computer controlled box to keep our little friends cozy. Its all here. Hehe...

Ok, better go now. My chem report is begging for attention. Got a feeling I'm not sleeping tonight, again...

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