Wednesday, April 19, 2006


*Stretches arms*

It's over.
It's finally over.

Ahh... its exams are out and break time is in. But... I'm still quite busy. Well... sort of.

Exam was weird. First comes the two hardest (Arghh~~~) papers, which is Molecular and Cell Biology, and Mathematics and Statistics (no thanks to the fact that we don't get formulae booklets). Then the two easiest ones. Neatly arranged isn't it?

There's even a public holiday on the day before the maths paper! I spent some of it on my laptop and bed, and the rest taking a walk around the hostel's gardens :p

Chin Lin says she wants me to be her "sifu" when I told her this. Too relaxed, lol.

Speaking of maths, my class coaxed the lecturers to write a proposal to ICM, so that MAT131 students get formulae booklets, despite knowing that it can't be done in time to save us. If it gets approved, the next batches of biotech students would better worship us like gods. Muahahaha~

After the exams are over, well.... I said I was busy right? Ok... here goes.......

Right after the exam, I was moving lab equipment to Dr. Ooi's car, along with Chin Lin and Benjamin. The next morning, we all went to Peng Hua Independent Secondary School to do some magic, hehe. Had free burgers and Milo, did 3 experiments, and spent all morning on it. One of the experiments involve placing filter paper strips soaked in potassium dichromate at several places around the school, to test for the presence of sulfur dioxide (Note: Positive result, all of it. Wear gas masks if any of you go near it :p ). Chin Lin knows the place, and I was the one wearing gloves. So I get to place it while Chin Lin plays tour guide. Oh course, I get to stand around wondering what to do several times when she bumps into her old mates.

By the way, one of the girls took down our emails. As a result, I now have a female stranger chatting with me all the way to 2am that night.

After our "performance", we all went to Gurney Plaza to watch Ice Age 2, followed by "Mahjong Masters" on the following day. If you're looking for a good laugh, I'd guess they're both worth watching. Oh ya, I managed to buy a megazine I've been looking all over for. Praise MPH bookstores! (and boo the rest >( ).

Actually, the original plan was to watch "Wild" on Day 2, but we were going to watch that with Mr. Luah (our computer lab tutor) who complained that its too childish, hence the change of plans.

On day 3 of my break, there was supposed to be a meeting between me, some of my classmates, and Dr. Ang, the Dean of SOSAM, who came all the way here from Nilai. Then, me, Chin Lin and Yi Charn are supposed to go shopping (die...) for the tools needed for the next Elimination Trials, coming next week. Problem is, Mike didn't send us the shopping list and time was running really short. So, I SMSed him (in a very hostile tone) demanding the shopping list on the night before.

==Message Start==
Send me the shopping list for Elimination Trials by email before 10am. Will not take no for answer. Otherwise, do your own shopping in Kuching. Ignore this message at your own peril.
==Message Ends==

No reply.

For those who didn't know, Mike was within days of going to Kuching to attend the student parliment meeting, and after he comes back, we have only a day left for preparations.

Besides, I need to estimate when can I go home, so I can give my parents a time to fetch me.

When I saw him on Monday, after the meeting, I believe Block B was shaking. Then he tells me its been postponed.

Now he tells me... The guy can't even be bothered to reply my message, nor answer my calls. Then this happens...... *grinds teeth*

A quick interview with the rest of the organizing comitee shows that nobody knows what is going on.

wth..., don't tell me a pure science student like me is going to teach a business student how to organize a "Survivor" style game.

Oh ya, Yun Yi and Li Sha visited college.

Alright, after they left, we needed to see Dr Ooi, who was discussing all sorts of stuff with Dr. Ang and Mr. Goh until about 3pm. In the meantime, Chin Lin and I were playing (different) games on our own laptops, and occasionally peek over each other's shoulders to see how the other is doing, to pass time.

Our (Me, Chin Lin and Mike) meeting with Dr Ooi is mostly about a science fair, but I had to leave early when my mom called. I moved several tonnes (almost literally, almost. j/k) of stuff onto the car before going home. Yayz~

Home is a mess. The pipe near the water pump is leaking, and causing all sorts of problems. Grandpa is going to fix it at ealiest convieniece. My sis is still evil as ever, treating me like a pillow. My brother just came back from NS camp. Conditions were too rough there and his astma problems resurfaced after all these years. So, he got exempted. Ish... from how he described the place, I'm surprised he stayed there that long. It has all the ingredients for an astma attack.

At night, I've got the list of comitee who is going to organize the science fair. Naturally, Mike placed himself on top, followed by me, Chin Lin and Yi Charn, then this HSC 06 gang. Based on how he is handling the coming-soon Elimination Trials, and signs of favourism, a radical change of management is in order. Hehehe...


Next week, I'll be going back to college already, even if my holiday is 2 weeks long. The reason: Repeat an experiment, with my classmates of course. This won't help our marks in anyway, but it could satisfy us. Past 3-4 attempts failed to produce the results expected (to be frank, no one have any idea what exactly is supposed to happen). $#% DNA, so hard to extract and colour test.

In the meantime, I'd guess I'll just play some games, and learn how exactly to use Photoshop CS2 (21 hours of video, omg...)

Sunday, April 09, 2006

Bad things will come in their own bad time.

Haiz... I was supposed to do a photography workshop on Wednesday, but turns out everyone was busy doing assignments, preparing for exams... ect. So? Out of 44+ who bought tickets, the people who came... let's just say I can count them with my fingers.

Haiz... what to do...... postpone to next semester la. Hmph! I spent countless hours preparing for this, sacrificing so much sleep time (Yes, I've been sleeping much much less than I should), bringing over a laser pointer, plus my dad's old, broken SLR camera, and franticly typing a 4500+ word booklet (made 30 copies of it in record time) and a Powerpoint presentation for them... all for nought! Grr...

Alright... enough of that.

Hmm... didn't win the March round of that photography contest. Really tough competition there. But I still want that camera!

*Eyes glow with enthusiasm*

In other news... my elbow still hurts.

Remember that girl who fell too? Its her birthday last Friday. And I got sick (flu) on Friday. What coincidence... Oh ya, exams coming on Monday, which is tomorrow (Great timing eh?). Argh... what did I owe her in my past life?

Sigh... Before exam, no mood to study. Near exam, too sick to study. But I'd guess I'm feeling well enough now. After I do some surfing, pack my bags, (maybe have lunch) then study as much as I can. First challenger, Molecular and Cell Biology. Lots of memorizing to do X(

Wish me luck... And good luck to all my friends facing exams too.


Gotta get my medicine.

Speaking of which, now I know what's it like to overdose on paracetamol (aka Panadol). Nope, I wasn't suicidal. Just forgotten that I've already taken my after-lunch dose yesterday, and took another. Only remembered when my face starts feeling numb. At least I'm ok. Phew...

Although I've been eating chicken just about everyday, I strongly doubt its bird flu I have (I'm almost fully recovered anyway). Besides, if you don't cook your food right, you can have just about any disease your can (and can't) name. So please don't treat me like an outcast la! No cases of human-human transmission yet anyway.

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