Tuesday, May 23, 2006


Voila! How does it look? Nice isn't it? (Not much thanks to my readers)

I've already shown this (and versions with other wording) to Dr Ooi and they're all approved. Yay.

Pardon the words "Sample" stamped on it. Wouldn't want people to simply reword it, print, sign, and claim it as rightfully theirs right? In case anyone gets clever enough to get rid of it, take a hint: The real one would be embrossed.

Ahh... whatever, like I care (much) if anybody steals it. I've taken reasonable effort to post it here without ending up being like distributing bogus certs, right? The resolution of that thing isn't nearly enough for a good quality print anyway.

Technical note:
An A4 print (assuming you use up every inch of the paper, using a borderless printer) requires 8.7 megapixels to achieve the standard 300ppi resolution for megazine quality printing. Even the enlarged version of the cert posted here has only 0.4 megapixels. Even at 200ppi, the printed version of the one posted here would only be less than 4 inches long, and less than 2 inches wide. Enlarging it will make it blur. Muahahaha.

Now I have to make 2 banners (same design, thank goodness), 10 feet by 3 feet in size. That'll require 22.7 megapixels, even at quality as low as 72 ppi. Yikes. Just to try out what that'll do to my laptop, it slowed down to the speed of a sloth. That's way too much data than I can handle at a time.

Worst of all: No inspiration. As if I don't have enough problems.
What should I put on the banner?

Monday, May 22, 2006

Parents day

Hello, is this thing working?

1,2,1,2... Check

Alright! The hostel's slug speed connection finally loads it. Time to bug anyone silly enough to subscribe to my blog, muahahahaha~~

Ops, did I just called my readers "silly"? No ah? Nothing happened, lalala~~ (Pretends nothing happened)

Alright, jokes aside.

Last Saturday was HSC parents day. Ok, what's that gotta do with me? Well... I'm nostalgic ma. Just kidding.

I was giving a hand running a little exhibition for my biotech program. You know, put up pretty posters, set up a slide show, put all sorts of preserved animals from the bio lab for display, set up a microscope and an array of slides to go with it, and run an experiment for the benefit of the public. The experiment we did was the very popular (thanks to the media attention given to forensic science a few years back) gel electrophoresis. To those not in the know, is the same process used to split DNA in the white bands you often see in CSI. You know, when they did DNA fingerprinting?

The folks from engineering, UPO, and commerce were there too, each doing their part to help the HSC students decide their future (and fatten IICP's coffers).

Although she's non biotech student, we roped in Yi Charn to help out, because we needed 5 people. But in the end, she spent most of her time helping out at the engineering booth pula. Hmph...

Speaking of manpower shortages, I was dragged into the scene too. Normally, I'd rather go home as soon as classes are over on Friday. But noo....... they kept asking me to stay, partly because I have a laptop, and partly because I've got all sorts of interesting pictures to show. Yes, that's my laptop doing the slideshow part. I get to look after the microscope too. Experience in photography has led to sharper, and faster focusing :p

Too bad I didn't get any immersion oil to play with, can't magnify up to 1000x

I get to choose which slides to bring to the exhibition too, hehe.

As for the electrophoresis part, things didn't went so smoothly. One of the student helpers (the only other male student in class, the other one would be me) who is pretty much an expert in preparation for this experiment (he seems to have got all the details carved into his head) came very late. Then he spent forever preparing the gel and the sample. The two demonstrations we planned became one. Then, he remembered he didn't bring his lab coat. I get to run back to the hostel to get mine for him (pauses to regret moving to the top floor) and return only to find our new lecturer borrowed him her lab coat.

Oh ya, we found out later that there wasn't enough buffer solution. So as I was carrying some more to our booth from the lab, Jia Shuen (remember her?) disturbed me a little, and I splashed some of it on my wrist. My hands were full, so I couldn't do anything about it until I get to the booth, pour add in the solution, and run for the toilet.

Ok, in other news, one of the dads of the HSC students came over and asked a lot of questions. I recognise him, he's been attending talks hosted here by some universities some time ago. I don't know he likes our answer or what, but he gave us his card and invited us to do industrial training at his lab. Whoa... the guy's a PhD. Vacancy for 3 only though, hmm...

When everything's finished (over an hour behind schedule), we pack up. I get to spill some more buffer too. This time, I spilled more of it, and it spilled onto my pants. Grr... I might just get a phobia for that solution.

Leela isn't the last one to finish this time, although she has the most number of students to handle. The new record for being the last lecturer to leave is held by the new physics teacher, Yap Ah Chu (or something like that). Psst... former PCGHS students, ring any bells?

After we packed up, we got a special treat by Mr. Goh. Hehe... A tasty lunch.

Mmm... yummy. Err... I know, my hair's a mess. Just got a haircut the day after. I'd guess the folks in the back row need no introduction. Neither does the guy in the middle of the front row. The other two (left to right) are my classmates Benjamin and Poh Yin.

Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Rant Collection

Internet Explorer's RSS feed reader works. Bloglines is dead. Long live Internet Explorer 7! Its the Beta version and I'm already loving it (I know, there are better ones out there, but.... its still good)

Its not working for my friend Lydia's blog though, but its not working for Bloglines anyway. I'd bet she's going to be smilling all day when she reads this.

At a friend's urging, I took an online version of the MBTI test. The results are the same as the results I've got on paper: INFP. You know, the daydreaming, charity-doing type. Aiks... If I need to do charity to feel good, I'm gonna die soon (see previous post).

I love the response I'm getting from my clone pics. 2 comments here, and numerous more in real life. Maybe I should do this more often :p. Nah... this trick is getting old. To be honest, I noticed a little defect in the picture, one that I'm too lazy to repair. Its on the back of the picture of me reading. Look at the chair.

What's this? Its a certificate I'm designing. I''m posting it here for review. So? Post your comments! The IICP logo was painstakingly extracted from a black and white scan provided by Chin Lin. The other logo was designed by Mike's friend, but I still needed to extract it (no simple task) because its taking too long for him to send a high quality (hopefully with transparent background) version. The font of the text is Monotype Corsiva (or something like that).

Light blue is my favourite colour :D

As for the background, the bottom left and top right part are taken and adapted from the PowerPoint slide templetes Chin Lin used for a presentation for the Science Fair. Yi Charn commented that science seems to be all chemistry for us (Me and Chin Lin) and all electronics for her, so I made the 0's and 1's (from scratch!) and blended it in. They correspond to the ASCII code for "For Science!".

So, don't be stingy. I NEED your comments :-)

Internet connection in hostel FINALLY fixed.

Monday, May 15, 2006

My Poor Camera

Being generous is bad....

I know... I know... Generousity makes everybody happy, feel good, and its the "Right Thing" to do, sends you straight to heaven....... blah... blah... blah......

But sometimes, things just happen that make you regret being the Good Samaritan.

Remember my sis asking for the camera? It turned out to be a two week loan, not one. She borrowed it to a friend all day long too, and the wasn't returned in one piece.

I mean... part of it fell off, a metal plate in front of the lens with the words "Carl Zeiss. Vario-Tessar. 7.9-23.7; 2.8-5.2" written on it. Yeah, the one that saved my camera from disaster when I dropped it. The one with a dent in it. Gone.

The damage is superficial, nothing different other than having an uglier camera until the metal plate is found or replaced. But it makes you think twice: Couldn't this be avoided, if I simply refused to hand it over? Was my generousity worthwhile?

Oh ya, the silly girl deposited fingerprints on the lens too. Grr... that lens is worth enough to buy her new glasses, several times over!

All I get is an apology. But that's after I get my sis to call her, demanding an explaination. Sigh... now what?

At least its still working, otherwise I'll clean her bank account of all savings.

Does this has anything to do with rising metal prices? Are aluminium (which I suspect to be the material) prices rising too?

Attack of the "Studying" Clones

Arrived at my hostel on Mother's Day night and found out that the internet connection is still dead. So, I decided to fool around with Photoshop. The whole thing (include snapping) took about an hour :p.

What do you folks think? :p

Friday, May 12, 2006

The new semester!

Hi folks!

Just tried out Internet Explorer 7 Beta 2 here, its rather nice :). Quite useful for blog bugs, Wikipedia addicts and people who open tonnes of Internet Explorer windows (I'm all of the above :p). One new feature is to recieve RSS feeds, so its time to ditch (PS: No first prize for guessing whose blog I subscribed to first). Its only for those with the original version of Windows though.

My college is going to organize a science fair. First (official) meeting will be next week. I'm prepared to be the laughing stock in the meeting. What's with the anticipation? Check this out:

Publicity Director: Mr. Koh Chong Lin
Assistant Publicity Director: Koh Jun Lin

Anyway, my first task is to design the certificates. The background design I put together is lovely, but I'm still waiting for the logo and stuff before moving on. How ironic that I used to fail my art exams. Now I'm an amateur photographer+digital artist.

A quote Dr. Ooi uses in class:
The only thing that won't change is change.

Just finished Week 2 of classes, and here are the comments on the subjects of the new semester:

CHM 154 Chemistry II
Starts with nuclear chemistry and thermodynamics, and the rest is all organic. I'd guess I can cope.

BIO 119 Biology of Organisms
The whole freaking course is centred about evolution! (Not that I have anything against Darwin). At least I'd get to dissect rats. That's probably as close as I'm gonna get with the what my former classmates are doing (dissecting cadavers!), lol.

MGT 127 Organisation and Management
My first time touching a non-science, non-math and non-language subject since Form 3. The lecturer packs loads of humour, and I'm just revising my Form 3 work so far. So far so good. Me and Chin Lin tends to giggle whenver we come across anything that reminds us of Michael.

BTE 100 Introduction to Biotechnology
That's an introduction? Omg, I'm gonna die!

Saturday, May 06, 2006

Bad Days...

It is said that the first week of the semester is never pleasent. Normally I'd beg to differ. Holidays are nice, but classes aren't that bad either. At least you get to see you friends more often and you don't need to constantly bug yourself with the question "Ok, now what do I do next?"

This time, I'd give it a reluctant nod.

I'm forced to give it a nod.

At first, the day before college, my parents decided to drag me and my sis to the mall. My brother cleverly excused himself, saying he's going out with his friends. Unlike usual, I'm leaving the camera at home, for my sis to use during the week.

For dinner, we went to the "fabled" Bukit Genting (no relation to a certain gambling den) in Balik Pulau. Dad had only faint recollections from a friend's word-by-mouth to guide him, and some directions given by some generous people by the road. We really didn't know what to expect.

And what a gorgeous sight it was. After a rather scary drive up the steep slope, we arrive at a beautifully landscaped Thai-style restaurant on a hill. Now... where's my camera? (Clutches fist)

Food was just as nice too, although I had to be careful to avoid spicy food :p

After that, its back to misery-land again. Shopping. Please kill me.

On the next morning, there was supposed to be a meeting about a science fair we're organising. Chin Lin gathered everyone to meet Dr. Ooi, only to find out that he had classes to conduct. That's 2 hours worth of wasted bed time.

Speaking of beds, I need to get my pillow some sunshine (in the hostel, this is rather inconvienient, especially thanks to the gloomy weather). It stinks. No pillows for me until I can get the stink away.

Then, there's the juniors. Jia Shuen (remember the girl who won't stop bugging me?) kept asking me for the materials I used for my last year's ESL presentation. I'd like to help, but I did miserably. I've got only weeks to prepare, compared to 3-4 months everybody else had. So, I tried pointing her to my other classmates.

Candinate #1: Chin Lin, who has forgotten everything (I'm no different, btw). Next is Yi Charn. (She just came out from the library at the time, poor girl has classes until 8pm. Hope the security guards here are good.)

After a brief chat about God-knows-what, they started "shooting" at me! Words like "selfish" and some name calling were liberally thrown about the air. I'm not selfish! I just don't wanna waste her time (or worse still, get her into trouble) with my garbage.

Fine, I surrender.
*The girls cheer, but I wonder who's really on the losing side*

I remember Jia Shuen mentioning that she'll be in the study room at night, so I decided to have a nap till night, then pass the *&^%$#! file to her, and there she was. But the study room was full, so I went to the neighbouring room to get everything set up and call her over. She was tending to her own laptop so I didn't think she was going anywhere soon. Wrong. She was.

Fine, I'd email her. Besides, I need to send a picture (a photomicrograph I took) to my sis for her to use in my high school's science fair. Didn't work, connection is dead. Then I remembered the college was struck by lighting earlier that day. I heard it costs RM10k to fix the damage, but didn't think that'll affect me. Wrong again it seems, since the hostels are affected too. Network printing is down too, I hope that can be fixed before I need it next week.

Sigh... no internet, nothing to do, might as well go back to my room. But wait! My pockets felt a bit too light. Argh!!! I locked myself out! The warden would have spare keys, but he was away at the time. It was a boring wait for him to return.

Sigh... its so hard to be kind that I might as well be mean.

Hope that's the end of this. Wrong AGAIN.

Whatever, don't want to talk about it. Just know that I ended up chasing Chin Lin, trying to stomp on her feet.

My new MSN display message:
Step forward, bump into a wall. Step backward, fall off a cliff. Step left, walk into traffic. Step right, walk into a minefield.

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