Friday, September 29, 2006

Prom Night is coming to town...

Prom night is coming next week, ticket price is RM50. Fair enough, except I'm not paying :p

Instead, I get paid to go there. Guess what, I'm the official photographer for the event (not surprised? I don't blame you). I hope I can cope with the low light and long hours. My current equipment is not well suited for stage photography (unless I want lots of blur) and I only have one battery to last from 4pm to 11pm (or more likely, to midnight). Memory should be no problem, I can upload the pics into my laptop during halftime or something. Just hope I don't break my arm or get a muscle cramp at a crucial moment AGAIN.

Oh...... the anticipation grows................

I've just read a news article, about Zeiss and their latest, custom made toy, a 1700mm f/4 lens that weighs 256kg. Based on the Arabic writtings on it, I'd guess some oil merchant in Saudi Arabia or something seriously loves his hobby. I won't be surprised if it comes with a 7-digit price tag. I wonder how would he carry it, mount it on top of a tank?

Ok, enough about cameras and lenses.

Visited Lam Wah Ee Hospital's pathology lab yesterday. A study visit of course, I'm not sick. Went there with my classmates. We were split into groups and mine went to the microbiology lab. I never thought blood agar looked that nice. Bright red. Cool... Even better when it had some coloured bacteria colonies growing on it.

Learnt quite a bit of stuff that day. :) I only wish I had more time there so I can find an organ donation form. We kinda came and left in a hurry. Oh well, next time...

Which reminds me... I think I misplaced my blood donation booklet (or whatever its called). Couldn't find it anywhere! Grr.....

One last thing...
Condolences to my friend Philip, whose mother passed away recently.

May her soul rest in peace :(

Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Steve Irwin

This post this dedicated to the memory of late animal conservationist Steve Irwin (22 Feb 1962 - 4 Sept 2006), who has passed away after being stabbed by a stingray barb whilst filming in the Great Barrier Reef.

Requiescat in pace...

Sunday, September 03, 2006

Hmm... maybe I talked a bit too much about photography :p

Hmm... I haven't been posting lots, haven't I?

Well, not much has happened actually.

Got my dSLR and have already put it to good use. Throw in Photoshop, and you'll get a very nice poem accompanied by a well-suitedd, beautiful picture. (Friends, I have haven't show you this, MSN me a reminder :) )

Found myself using my telephoto zoom lens more than my standard zoom lens, lol. Who would have thought of that... No, its not a good lens, but I often find myself too far from my subject to use my 18-55mm. No choice but to break out the 90-300mm, huge (well... still small compared to others), usable but lousy optics, but very useful zoom range.

Speaking of photography, I'm in quite a dilemma. One of my juniors is aiming for an Olympus dSLR. Problems is, IMHO (and many many other's opinion), its a sad excuse of a dSLR. Recently, a member of a forum I frequently visit just sold all his Olympus gear (camera, lens, flash and all) and completely switched over to Canon. A slightly more advanced model than my own camera. The switch costed him dearly, since the stuff didn't fetch a good 2nd hand price, but he spent the next few days telling how much better his new camera is.

Now, the million dollar question is, should I convince him to change his mind and sound like I don't respect his opinions and too proud of my camera? (actually, I'm proud of my camera, but I think Nikon makes good dSLRs too, but not Sony nor Olympus) Or should I just leave him be.


Anyway, 2 classmates of mine got the ultra-compact camera I recommended them. Congratulations to Chin Lin and Benjamin. Hope you like it (because if you don't, I'm in a diplomatic crisis :p )

My 2nd Sememeter results aren't that good. All pass, but still no good. Have to whip myself into a studying frenzy next semester, otherwise...... who knows where I'll end up next year.............. Speaking of which, I'm going back to college tomorrow, classes starting the day after.

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