Thursday, October 19, 2006


Today, I donated some blood. All 450ml necessary to fill up the bag. Unlike last time, I was given 10 pills. I know 5 are iron suplements, but what's the other 5? Its small, round, saffron yellow, and has the markings UP. Hmm... gotta ask dad. I'm supposed to take each of these every morning.

Anyway, about 2 hours later, on contray to all medical advice/folklore/common sense or whatever, I'm in the badminton court. No, I'm not the spectator, I'm a player in this friendly game with my classmates. I didn't tire out, ran short of breath or anything. In fact, I never felt better! I kept playing for over an hour non-stop until everybody goes for a tea break.

Not enough? I went hiking! Managed to get to the top ahead of everyone, and it even rained on the way down. Still feeling good as I type this, no signs of fever or any discomfort.

Moral of the story?

Those who say "I don't wanna give blood! I'd feel weak after that! I need the energy to blah..blah..blah.... later!" must be weak enough to lose their balance when a gentle gust of wind blows.

So, if you're in good health, why not spare a little of the red goo of life? It wouldn't hurt much, I'd swear your mother's cane is 100x more painful :p.

Oh ya, did I mention there are usually snacks afterwards?

Sunday, October 15, 2006

My Firewall Doesn't Like My MSN

That's right. Zonealarm practically hates it. And now, the problem is official!

See this:!8B3F39C76A8B853F!6803.entry

My only consolation is, since they are now aware of the issue, I no longer need to troll the internet for days searching for a miracle cure (other than downgrading my MSN or uninstalling my firewall). Just sit back and wait.

On the other hand...
I hate the Web Messenger. ANY Web Messenger......

Now... where did I stopped? Ah yes... Prom......

Prom Night was even more hectic than I thought. For one thing, I was asked to take group shots of every table. That's 30+ tables. I could only manage 12. For dinner, I had 3-4 buns (bun in one hand, camera in other), some jelly (easy to swallow), and a cup of tea (couldn't resist :p )

Needless to say, I had a hearty supper later.

Snapped close to 500 pictures btw. After deleting, 475 (approx 1.7GB) remain. Not too impressive, overall. Now I'm tossing the idea of getting a fast lens. I want an external flash instead, which is almost 5 times more expensive than the lens I had in mind. As a temporary measure, I made a flash diffuser out of A4 paper and rubber band. Believe it or not, a commercial pop-up flash diffuser (not paper of course, plastic) would cost RM50. My DIY solution costs next to nothing, and can be made and installed in 1 min :p. Single use only though, paper is too fragile, and I'm too lazy to reinforce it with tape.

In the meantime, this week would be the last week of classes. This would be followed by 1 week of study break, final exam, photo-assigment (a classmate roped me in for her church's project, working for free here :p ), science camp...... and whatever that may come. Alumni Night? Hehehe, looking forward to it.

Now if you would excuse me, I've got lab reports to rush. Then can I catch up on my sleep and study properly. Not feeling healthy these days, after several days a week of sleepless nights. In fact, I spent almost the entire day yesterday in bed. Not necessarily a bad thing. I get my badly needed rest, my computer gets its badly needed maintenance. I'd swear, Photoshop's speed jumped at least 10 fold after maintenance :)

Sunday, October 01, 2006

Photographers: The Gathering

The title says it all. I went for a gathering, organized on a forum for readers of the Digital Camera Magazine. It was held at Nasi Kandar Pelita @ McAlister Road, at night.

It was loads of fun. Got to know people, previewed the upcoming edition of the magazine, tried out RM43k worth of equipment and admired A3+ sized photos (to put things into prespective, imagine a photo half the size of your average desk).

Got the September issue of my magazine autographed by the editor too. Also there was famous photographer-cum-model Suzanne Lee. Snapped a few pics, but forgot to get her autograph :(

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