Wednesday, November 29, 2006


This picture is dedicated to all my peeps in IICP!

I also uploaded this to my dyfunctional photoblog. Amongst other places.

Friendster is EVIL!!! When I uploaded the same pic into Friendster, I even resized it myself to their servers won't have to alter it. 600x600 pixels appear to be the max, so I resized it to 600x400 pixels.

Manatau... Their server so kepo and kacau my picture anyway. No resizing. They just added a very heavy JPEG compression that makes the pic look blur, and filled with unsightly artefacts. Eww... D@mn them!

So "kiam siap" (stingy)

Anyway, hope you folks like this pic. Stirred up any fond memories? ;-)

Sunday, November 19, 2006


I've got my results... and it ain't pretty. Its less than what I needed, and I'm praying for that one in a million chance I'd be accepted to UQ anyway. Sigh... wish me luck.......

As much as I like photography, I'm not keen on making it my main source of income. (I love lab work too btw :p )

A few days ago, I had my first car accident. No, I'm not hospitalized. Just traded paint with a wall while parking. And its not even reversed or parallel parking, just drive forward into that d@mn lot.

Sigh... thankfully, no losses other than scratches on the front bumper

So careless

Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Photographer's Vest

I've had enough of carrying to backpacks at the same time! One for my laptop and one for my camera. Especially if the strap of the camera bag is ripping out again (this is my 2nd bag).

So, while I dropped by at Canon Store in Gurney Plaza to get yet another replacement for the bag, I bought a photographer's vest! Yeah... those khaki+mesh atrocities against fasion, that reporters tend to wear. XL size. With "Canon" written all over it :p

Man... this is big... I think I'd just throw my new camera bag aside. Its got lot of big pockets, so many that I can stuff it with ALL my gear. SLR included (although I have to detatch my lens first).

Quality wise, it looks tough. Then again, khaki is a tough material. C'mon, people made army uniforms out of these :p . Mom is worried about the mesh part though, so she recommends hand washing. Bummer...

The vest cost me RM83. A good bargain I think. I originally intended to buy a Lowepro Compurover AW to carry both my laptop and camera. That's a RM700 rig (its half price in Singapore, but its too far AND I couldn't convince dad to fork out the money. In contrast, I bought the vest with my pocket money), PLUS the trouble of selling my present laptop bag. Now, I'd just wear the vest and carry my laptop bag on my back! Easy! And I don't need too put down my bag just to grab my camera or change lenses.

I just hope I don't attract too much attention. Then again, so would a HUGE Lowepro bag.

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