Monday, January 29, 2007

New glass (no, not camera glass)

I've got a new pair of glasses. No, my vision haven't worsened, although it has been almost 4 years since the last time I had new specs. The idea is to have 2 specs, 1 for normal wear while the other serves as backup in case of accidents while I'm abroad.

It feels so refreshing when I first put it on. My old glasses had some scratches which blured my vision a little, as well as introducing lens flares. The coating is messed up too, because I didn't learn the methods of proper lens care until I took up photography :p

Like my old specs, it comes with magnetic clip-on sunglasses, but this time its a polarized lens instead of just a grey-tinted plastic.

Unfortunately, my new shades are scratched before I even got my hands on them (thankfully, the optometrist was kind enough to point it out) so I smiled and asked them to replace it.

Until then, no shades for my new specs :(. At least they pointed out the scratch, kudos to Yeoh Optical Centre @ Jalan Teoh Moh Soo, Kulim.

Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Update on uni

It has been awhile since I last updated this blog.

I have decided to do Bachelor of Science (Nanotechnology) in University of Wollongong. That's 80km south of Sydney, in case you didn't know. And if I do well, I'll move into Bachelor of Nanotechnology, which has some research work on the final year.

My new passport is ready for collection, my air ticket is being arranged (should be flying off in the 3rd week of February, before CNY), and blah blah blah....

I foresee no problems in the next few weeks

Execpt one: accomodation

To add to my problems, I'm a late applicant. Deadline is 2 months ago. I just hope this goes as well as the rest of the week. Although one might argue that I should have applied earlier, it's a shame to ruin a week a smooth sailing with a little snag. Life has been easier ever since I made up my mind to go UoW, until now.

I did a little Google Earth magic, and seems like there will be hardly a dull moment, IF I manage to find some spare time. The botanical gardens are just opposite the uni's main entrance. A short distance to the West, there is a hiking trail. A little south of Campus East (hopefully, that's where I'll live), is a planetarium. A little to the East, is some reserve land, and the beach. The public transport system there seems well connected too. I just hope its reliable...

Hmm... now what......

Hope all goes well.

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