Friday, February 29, 2008


The Illawarra Mercury interviewed me and Carol, about our experiences in Wollongong as International Students.

Why me? Must be Komal's doing. Oh well~ So not to disappoint fellow international students, I think I ranted quite a bit about travel concessions and racism, including the fact that I WALK an hour to the mall for my shopping, in protest. Argh... gotta get a bike one of these days, but those friggin' hills between home and uni are a pain!

Of course, ranted about the absence of Penang food in the region as well, hehehe... Can't resist, temptation to rant about food was too great. Can't wait to see what Katelin writes on Tuesday's paper. I'd be sure to photograph it and post it here!

In other news~ (ok, that was so cliché) I've signed up for a Senior First-Aid Course, Level 2. Course date is 29 and 30th of March and made me $95 poorer, but at least that's student price and I don't have to march around in circles, under the sun, like the PBSM folks back in high school. Why did I want to take this course? Just in case of course. I don't share my dad's and many of my friend's (including at least one reading this blog, and one in heaven) passion to save lives, I'm not keen on sitting back and relax while someone dies either. Hopefully I don't have to use what I'm about to learn, but if it comes to that, at least I'll be ready.

Also, I've started to keep an organiser, making use of the free diary the uni gave. That's just to keep track of what's going on, like the student council meeting coming soon. I've been busy~. Got the idea from Liang Wei and Mike after observing them jotting down notes on such books.

Hmm... I think that's all for now.

Got my bike, the cheapest one they have (not counting the children's bikes). Throw in a helmet, a rather fancy bicycle lock (the key comes with an LED for easy unlocking in the dark!), bicycle lights, minus the student's discount, the total comes to AUD240.

Not too bad, by Oz standards. My housemate got his, BIKE ONLY, for AUD500. Of course there is difference in quality, but hey! It works.

Oh, they provide 1 year of free service/maintenance too, in case I EVER get into the mood to travel to their shop far far away (estimate 1 hour 20 minutes walk). No way I'm going back there, I'd rather let the folks at the uni's bicycle club do it, since that's free too anyway, except parts of course.

More Update:
Bumped into Diane today, now a fresh graduate and working for the Illawarra Mercury. Pretty as ever. Nice to meet ya.

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Rotten Morning

Its only 8am, and I made this after 2 days of effort. Muahaha~ Photoshop CS3 and Illustrator CS3, the latest versions and working together in a very potent combination. Here is the result:

So I hit *Print!*, and specified a few settings, then out came the first copy of the leaflet.

Hmm... quite good, but needs a few changes. For one thing, one of the lines are too fine to the extent that it won't show up in print! And so, I made the necessary adjustments and hit *Print!*.

Nothing happened

I'm out of ink~. Well, out of toner actually, since this is a laser printer. Oh well, I'd suppose I'll have to cough up some big money for some fresh toner, after dad sends me some money that is. In the meantime, I'll just turn it into a PDF file and do my printing at uni, where the price = highway robbery.



I can't believe this. But at least I have already saved the PSD file, UNLIKE YESTERDAY! Phew, still need to do a little work to make it print ready though. And finally, out came the PDF file. Now... just need to reach for my thumbdrive...

Hopefully, the rest of the day would be much better.

Here's something I snapped last Sunday morning, just to lighten things up for this otherwise depressing post. Its the result of taking a walk at 5am :D

Last night a fellow photographer actually asked me for this picture, to use as his wallpaper. lol, how flattering -^_^-


btw, in case anyone is wondering where did I get that "Wau" picture in the leaflet: I photographed a 50sen coin with all the product photography skill I can muster (especially controlling the light with what little resources I have). Then I did some minor adjustments in Photoshop before exporting it to Illustrator and doing a "Live Trace" there. Voila!

Oh s***! I forgot to include the club's website!

*Goes back to Photoshop*

Sunday, February 24, 2008

Chain Mails

I hate chain mails.

They either threaten me with one thing or another if I don't pass it on within a certain time frame (I've often joked that this is the reason I don't have a gf, and its a miracle that I'm still alive, especially considering how many shamans have tried to put a curse on me over the years). However, under the circumstances, I have no choice but to forward this:

Passengers In Peril, 1st edition, Feb 2008

Dear readers,

Welcome to our first edition of Passengers In Peril, the monthly newsletter by the passengers to the passengers of express buses in Malaysia. We hope you had a great festive season and a safe journey to and from your hometown. The purpose of this newsletter is to create awareness among Malaysians (You!) about the situation regarding bus travel in the country and also to help garner support for action to be taken against perpetrators of reckless bus driving.

When the mention of bus crashes is heard, the first thing that comes to mind at this time is the recent bus crash near Slim River that took the lives of 3 youths who, as most of us, just wanted an affordable way of traveling around. In grief and pain, the family and friends of Lee Nian Ning, one of the crash victims, have created a blog and a petition with the purpose of “Demand(ing) that relevant authorities …... ensure that mistakes like this do not occur again in the future”.

As of 8th February 2008, only ten days after the creation of the petition, we have managed to collect more than 8,200 signatures from people of all walks of life. That translates to 34 signatures every hour! If you have not signed the petition for safer bus journeys, do visit and put in your vote for your life and those of the people around you.

Also, as support to this newsletter, it would be great if you could send in stories and pictures of your bus travel experiences to, and even greater if you could forward this newsletter to everyone you care about. Less than a minute of clicking of your mouse can create awareness among all your friends and at the same time provide you with (a minute amount of) exercise.

Alone you and I may not be able to make a difference, but together we can! = )

Editorial Team
Passengers In Peril

* The editorial team consists of 4 university students who aspire to be professionals in their respective fields but for now hope they can survive the years as students taking express buses.

Well, there used to be a logo on top, but I'm too lazy to add this to my blog.

Ahh yes... I'm now officially a hypocrite. Not only I'm spamming my dear friends, but I'm also contributing to this article! Oh well, hopefully we can get a more permanent setup by April and stop spamming people, if we get enough response to survive that long that is.

Alas, it turns out that after years of neglect, my contact list is out of date. Many email addresses no longer exists and as a result quite a few emails were bounced. What happens when too many emails get bounced on Google? They suspended my gmail account for a few hours! (either that, or my connection went nuts and I can't send mail via Outlook all the sudden).

And now, I've received another chain mail, this time from dad (he's good, only forwards stuff worth my time, and does not included a little verse from a shaman-wannabe, love ya dad!). I feel compelled to commit another sin and click the "Forward" button.

But... no.
I'm not keen of the idea. Suspending my account again? Sure I've cleaned up my list since, but... you'd never know. I'm not trying that stunt again unless I have to.

So instead, I'm posting it here and pray that someone (especially registered voters, as if any of these folks read my blog... or as if ANYONE reads my blog) drops by and feel compelled to vote for the opposition as I do, except I can't vote. @#@@# why put the election date just before my 21st birthday.

Fellow Malaysians.

For 50 years the BN government had ruled over us.

In the 50 years of their power,they had inflicted serious damage to our instituitions of government.

Do you still trust them to continue ruling for the sake of "political stability"as promoted by the BN government.

Just to recap recent events...

The legislature
Our paliament is a like a zoo.The arguments made in our august house sometimes are worse than those we hear in our kopitiams.

Fellow Malaysians are told in no uncertain terms to "keluar "by BN MPs if we disagree with their ideas. As if our citizenship is granted or withdrawn at their whims and fancies. Sexist remarks like "bocor" are made against our mothers, sisters and daughters in reference to their biological function. And they unashamedly refer to themselves as Yang Berhormat. Our constitution is amended without serious debate so often it is not worth the paper it is written on. For example, it was amended recently just so our present Election Commission chairman can extend his tenure of service. Not for another term mind you but just one year. Tell me, is he such a "towering malay(sian)" so much so that we should amend the constitution. Is he so indispensable that our constitution must be tinkered with?

The Judiciary.
The Lingam tape saga is another eye opener. The Judiciary must be seen to be whiter than white. Yet in the news lately is not one, not two, not three but god knows how many more are implicated in impropriety. Mind you, those implicated are the former chief justices too. Eusoff Chin, Fairus, Dzaiddin. So how can you trust our judges?

The ACA.
It is supposed to be our guardian against corruption. Rightly it should be an independent body. Yet it reports and is directed by our PM.

Is it little wonder investigations get nowhere when it involves many high level government officials and politicians of the ruling party? Have you wonder that ACA superintendent Chuah Lay Choo seem so sloppy in her work is because she has been directed by higher ups to close one eye? Worse yet, as testified by Jayanti in the Lingam Tape scandal, it appears the ACA itself is dishing out bribes to keep witnesses quiet.

The Immigration Department.
We read in the Altantuya trial of missing records 3 mongolians in the testimony of Uuriintuya Gal-Orchir.

“Counsel Karpal Singh, who is holding a watching brief for Altantuya Shaariibuu's family, expressed surprise yesterday when Uuriintuya Gal-Orchir said that there was no record of the three Mongolian women's immigration entries. He said that the matter needs to be investigated as it could be an attempt to hide statements that suggest that Altantuya had never entered Malaysia and thus could not have been murdered here.”

Yet nobody seemed concerned as to who ordered its deletion. It has to be high up. All the accused seem to have links to the DPM. Even the explosives used are military grade. And the DPM is also the Minister of Defence. Does it all add up? Your guess is as good as mine

The Civil Service.
Year in year out, the Auditor General lists out the outrageous prices our government pays its suppliers. It is your money too dummy.

Yet nothing seems to come out of it. Nobody seems to care or take responsibility. Everyone seems to be on the take so much so if you are not, you need your head examined.

The mainstream media.
It is now controlled by the government. The Star is MCA owned. NSTP, Berita Harian, Utusan Melayu are UMNO’s. So are the TV stations.

Everyday we are bombarded by government propaganda. They only spin out the government’s version of the news. Look at how they estimate the Bersih crowd in November 2007. A few thousand when there were tens of thousands.

Our Second Echelon Leaders.
Our leaders in waiting are also unsavory characters. Najib started the keris act and it has now been performed by Hisham twice. It seems his deputy, Khairy (not to be outdone ) is also in a hurry to carry on the tradition. Please guys, it is not very nice and friendly to point your weapon and threaten to soak it in your fellow Malaysians blood. Even in jest. Even if we are desensitized to your childish act.

You do not seem to be able to differentiate between your fellow Malaysians and Malaysia ’s real enemies.

Namwee sang a controversial song on Negarakuku. He was called a traitor and worse. But in the 50 years of BN misrule, our institutions of Government and civil society have been damaged badly by them as can be seen above.The corruption perpectuated by the BN surely has weakened our country more than our external enemies can ever do. Surely the acts and omissions by the BN government are so much more serious and treacherous. So what do we call the BN…

Make the change. Make it now.

Fellow Malaysians. Please do not leave this state of affairs to your children, your grandchildren and Malaysians yet unborn. It is a crime to them. Instead let us all strive to leave a better Malaysia for them to live in. Giving the BN another mandate again is political stability to do more damage to our beloved Malaysia . We will all suffer for it. You will not escape the consequences just because you are a bumiputra. You will not escape the consequences just because you are a non bumiputra. The rot is serious. The rot is deep. But the rot can still be stopped. Something can still be salvaged and rebuilt. But it is imperative the cause of the rot must go. The rot happened during BN’s watch. The BN government should be held accountable. The BN government must take the rap. The BN government must go and now.

In Australia , the people threw out John Howard. In Pakistan , President Musharraf ‘s allies got a drubbing. In USA , the democrats are making history. They will either have a lady presidential candidate in Hilary Clinton or the first black presidential candidate in Barack Obama. Either way, they are making the necessary change. Let us show courage. Let us also make the change. Let us make the change now. Malaysia will be better for it.

So much for what my Local Studies, History and Malaysian Studies lecturers and teachers have told me, especially that "the constitution is a sacred document".

C'mon folks, don't vote BN. Vote for a farm animal if you have to, just not them! Otherwise... well... Its not that hard for me to get a PR, and hopefully Oz citizenship, lol. Cabut lah, that place can still survive one ar? Pay is one thing, but putting up with that charade again!?

Besides, toppling changing governments is the latest trend for the new year of 2008. Its the cool thing to do. lol! Vote for change lah. Otherwise susah nanti lah.

To those who are still unconvinced, my advise would be to do something every wise decision maker was mastered: Listen to both sides, and think critically. But then again, since when Malaysian students are taught to think critically? They just shove the lot down our throats!

Oh well, enough of that. Let's have something funny instead.

Superfunny! I would highly recommend the other videos by Comedy Court too.

*Replays "Election blah blah blah" for the 7th time*

Friday, February 22, 2008

Return to Wollongong

Would you like a window seat or an isle seat, sir?"

Normally I'd take the window seat. Yeap, with camera at hand and going at 3 snaps per second.

"Isle seat please" I smiled.

Not today.

Not in the mood.

When I was on my first flight to Australia, I was sad, but also excited. I know very well who and what I'll miss, but anticipation to see what is Australia, and specifically Wollongong, looks like, kept my sprits up.

On the return trip, it was the anticipation of getting back all I ever missed keeping me happy. VERY happy. In fact, 3 months in Malaysia has fattened me up, made me lazy, and generally ignorant of what's going on in Australia.

On my 2nd flight to Australia, the excitement has left me long ago, and what remains is just missing. Missing my family, friends, the good (and cheap!) food and unlimited (although quite slow) internet. And that's just for starters.

Its a MAS flight, transiting at KLIA. I had a little déjà vu moment. I have the isle on one side, and an empty seat on the other. I should have thought of flying to Sydney with Liang Wei earlier. Who cares if he's flying on JetStar if I can get some good company (and maybe the opportunity to ask a few questions about his beautiful sis? lol j/k).

In any case, the food was decent (but I'll take SIA's airline food over MAS' any day) and service was as advertised. As for legroom, I guess-timate its 2" more than SIA's. At least they've got ice cream.

Somewhere along the way, I'm not sure if it broke on transit, and while I was dragging it, or how did it happen, but one of the wheels on my 25 kg luggage went missing. Dragging this mass from the airport, to the train station underneath it, then the transiting at Wolli Creek, and dragging it again from North Wollongong Station to home a few kilometres was a nightmare, but I've done it with significant amount of elbow grease. Fortunately, it was a fine day for a walk.

I didn't waste much time getting in touch with my friends here. Giving gifts here and there. The batik shirt I bought fit perfectly on its intended recipient and he loves it. I've also taught a few people how to play "congkak", and they all find it interesting. I've won and lost some games too.

I've been trying to catch up with what's been going on at uni since I was gone. I've got a vague picture and I'm still asking around. So far, its not good :(

Oh well, back to the salt mines.

Sigh... As keep just trying to keep up with both Australian and Malaysian media at the same time isn't time-consuming enough.

Monday, February 18, 2008

Random Stuff That Crossed my Mind

  • My dog bit me! ARGH!!!
    I can't believe it. All I did was trying to get grandpa's used/discarded medicated plaster (for arthritis I assume) out of my dog's mouth, and it bit me! BAD CAESAR!

    Fortunately, it wasn't intent on crushing my wrist. Otherwise... well...... go ask my grandpa about what happened to the regular supply of pig's (and occasionally cow's) femur Caesar gets.

  • I can't believe it, its Monday already. Tomorrow night, I'll be on a 8.35pm flight to Sydney, transiting at KLIA. The transit time is 1 hour, 10 minutes, not too bad.

    I would prefer to fly with SIA, but unfortunately they're fully booked :(. Those baggage handlers at KLIA better not get busy body with my luggage, or else... Er... or else what har? I put a cobra in my luggage the next time I transit in KLIA? lol

  • The elections are on, and as predicted, I'll still be 20 on polling day. Ahh...! It's a conspiracy to prevent me from voting for the opposition! (I hope you do realise I'm not being serious)

  • Looks like the Royal Commission investigating the Lingam video scandal has decided to give me a birthday present. On that special day when I grow into that magical number 21 (haiz..., sometimes I hate growing up), they'll be presenting the results of the inquiry. Hopefully something VERY good turns up, unlike the previous inquiry into the police force which resulted in little more that just worthless words.

  • I managed to meet up with one of my high school friends and got her contact list. I've lost contact with many of them since the last time I flew to Australia. Hopefully, this would help mend the fence even while I'm going to Australia for a second year. Missed them...

  • My sis, despite the sudden switch from science stream to arts, AND taking one more subject than her peers (because she was unsure what she wants, not because she wants to show off) has done it again. Her results for every test was a double digit number that starts with "8". I'm so proud of her, and maybe a little jealous, hehe. I wouldn't be surprised if the family gets something really worth celebrating when the SPM results are out, like... straight A's?

  • My parents threatened to force me to stay in Australia for next summer, and take the summer session if my results this year are unsatisfactory. No authentic Penang food, no Chinese New Year, no reunions, don't get to see the new house any time soon, and certainly no..... ARGH!!! STUDY!!!

  • My friends from biotech-06 class are inviting me to join them on a trip to Tasmania. My friends from HSC-05 class wants a reunion, maybe Cairns. Oh dear, I may need to eat sandwiches for the whole semester.

  • Let's see if I can get first-aid training on the coming Saturday. Not sure if I can book a place, but I'm really excited!

  • Didn't donate blood in January as planned, because that month I went down with a viral fever and was eating paracetamol like candy. Sigh...

    No matter, the blood mobile will be visiting uni in March :D

    Just need to make sure that I don't go hiking or anything like that afterwards, or dad will scold me again.

  • To all my friends, whether you're reading this or not. Please take care, and hopefully we'll meet again in the near future :)

  • Got any "interesting" experiences with express buses in Malaysia? Email and share it at 'at' gmail 'dot' com! It might just end up in their PiP newsletter. Be sure to include the bus company's name, so people would know who to go to, and who to AVOID. Kekekeke...

  • Can you believe I just bought a congkak set and will be bringing it to Australia?

  • Valentine's day was just another day. Don't ask, or you will have bad luck in your romance for... nah. I'm not nearly as cruel as the shaman who wrote all those chain mails. Of course I'll wish you all the best :p

  • I also bought a batik shirt as a gift, to a friend in Wollongong from China. Believe it or not, after the effort put into just finding it, I'm quite convinced that this is the last batik shirt on sale in Kulim. Wee~

  • I'm gonna miss Penang food. I'm gonna miss Penang food. I'm gonna miss Penang food. I'm gonna miss Penang food. I'm gonna miss Penang food. I'm gonna miss Penang food. I'm gonna miss Penang food. I'm gonna miss Penang food. I'm gonna miss Penang food. I'm gonna miss Penang food. I'm gonna miss Penang food. I'm gonna miss Penang food.

  • Of course, mom's cooking rocks too!

  • Photography is all about taking control of composition and light. Master these, and you can use any (working) camera on earth and still amaze people.

  • Ok, that last bit was REALLY random! And so is this!

  • I hope the Australian Quarantine Service won't give me too much fuss.

  • OMG, I haven't finished that green tea!

    Expensive stuff, must not waste...

    Must finish before I go

  • Okok, that's enough for one post. Thanks if you managed to read this far =)

Thursday, February 07, 2008

Chinese New Year

A fireworks show in Kulim, celebrating the coming of the year of the Golden Rat, 2008

To all those observing the holiday, I wish all of you a Happy Chinese New Year. Every year bring you better fortunes that the last.

Dear friends, please do visit me if you can. Just let me know when you're visiting in advance so I can put the dog under leash and muzzle before you arrive. Believe me, you won't want it on the loose for the first half hour or so.

Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Apathy and Ignorance No More

It wasn't too long ago when I don't give a damn about what goes on around me. I believed politics to be a past time best left to old men with a keen interest to be on the giving, receiving (not forgetting gossiping and listening) end of lies, slander, scandals... the lot. The last thing I want to know about, are political intrigue so scandalous that it'll make the Romans blush.

In fact, at the beginning of the year, I was still a member of the ignorant grey masses: The people; the sheep which bleats and baa, but would still follow the shepherd's will regardless.

No more, I was shocked to my senses. A rude awakening to 20 years of living in dreamland. The cost of dreaming was too high. I've lost a friend.

The apathetic Malaysian, ever so carefree and forgetful, has allowed this tragedy to happen. At the very very least, someone could have give the driver a shout when they noticed he was speeding or SMS-ing. But that didn't happen. Neither did the countless promises made in wake of previous accidents. As far as I know, thing cooled off and the real tigers were replaced with paper ones, until the next time something happens, probably taking another precious life with it.

It is simply impossible to avoid politically involvement when you're a part of society. It affects every aspect of your life, and those of the people around you. I was so naive to think I can simply ignore it all. Go on with my happy-go-lucky life. Sigh...

Let it be known then, this is my belated 2008 resolution:
I shall shed my former shell, and become a "Concerned Malaysian". I acknowledge that, being only one person I can only do so much. I can't handle every single issue in the nation, but at least there will be a start, and there will be something I'll be trying to change. I've said I'm not content with just signing a petition, so that's that. I'm going to do something about it, and its already a work in progress.

Before my time is up, I vow to leave a dent (preferably a meteorite crater) in society. One that will change it for the better. Wish me luck.

A side note:
What a timely wakeup call. My 21st birthday is not to far away. Probably too late to vote in the coming election, but better late than never.

Sunday, February 03, 2008

Memorial Service, Post-event report/thoughts

Well, what do you know? I'm still alive! lol, ok. Joke's over.

Nian Ning's memorial service came and passed. The tiny hall was filled right up to the door, and indeed, the press showed up. However, I fear that only one paper sent their crew, because they all wear the same shirt. So far, only Sin Chew reported the event. Its good that they did mention the petition that is going on, but I'm worried about how much attention are we actually getting from this?

Nian Ning's memorial service (click to enlarge)

Note: At Sin Chew's website, you can switch between the traditional and simplified script by clicking a button on the top right corner.

There was a short (because they can't continue anymore) eulogy by some folks. It was touching, and the more I learn about this girl, the more I believe her death was a terrible, terrible loss. Definitely a loss for her friends and family. Almost certainly a lost to the community, and possibly, her dad might be right: a loss to the nation. What a loss... :(

A loss that shouldn't have happened.

On the way back, since I was already at a bus station, I picked up a ticket to KL for my sister's return trip after her CNY holidays. Sigh...

To be honest, I'm not very optimistic about this campaign.

If history could serve as a guide, then at worst, the government ignores this. They have been discrediting bloggers not too long ago anyway.

At best, they'll do the "fortnight fury, then no more story" routine. Yeah, a bunch of sting ops and then everything returns to the apathetic "normalcy".

The coming election is a double-edged sword. On the plus side, a politician might actually do something and say "look folks, I'm not deaf! I actually have a pair of perfectly usable ears!". Also, since it is generally agreed that Penang is an easy place to win and lose seats, maybe they'll be extra careful. All we need is publicity, yeap. Lots and lots of publicity.

On the minus side however, election-related news might take up valuable manpower and paper space from the press, as well as our badly needed publicity (not to mention the public's attention). In addition, who knows what if it ends up being just another politician's empty promise to give false hopes and get votes?

Regardless of all that pessimism, I'm giving this campaign my wholehearted support, call me stubborn/foolish/whatever-nasty-word-you've-just hatched-up if you like.

Nian Ning died in part because of apathy. Bus crashes have happened many times before, who cares? The survivors say the driver was SMS-ing, so what? Some say the driver was speeding on a rainy day, yawn... Oh no, the bus has 13 summons! meh, never mind.

Apathy kills! And I refuse to be a murderer. Say no to the "tidak apa" attitude! Do something, and make sure it lasts (for once! dammit!).

May miracle happens and reason prevails.
Otherwise, Vision 2020 doesn't even stand half-a-chance of succeeding.

Seriously, part of me wants to stay in Malaysia and enjoy the new house my parents are building, and Penang food of course.

The other part of me just wanna scoot and never look back. (now... now... escaping from responsibilities and reality aren't we? Sigh)

Yeah, this is what I wanna see, more publicity!

Guang Ming Daily (They've got pictures!)

The Star

Whoa... is it just me, or was there a 232 signature boost since I woke up an hour ago? I think it was 4250 signitures not too long ago, and now its 4482. Gotta love the media, eh?

Update again:
Approximately 2 1/2 hours since last update, the petition just hit 5000 signatures.Here is the screenshot of it happening.

As usual, just click for a larger image. You could have seen the date too in the screenshot, but a friend of mine popped up and I didn't notice, lol. Anyway, the dateline reads: is Monday, 4 February 2008.

Its amazing, that means since 10.00am, we're getting 3.5 signatures PER MINUTE. And I'd swear, at some point there must have been one every 5 secs or so. Simply amazing... an overall average of approximately 42 signatures per hour.

PS: In the 30 mins it took me to add this update, another 143 people pledged their support.

Saturday, February 02, 2008

How ironic...

I can't believe this...

Just as I dug out a map to the temple from the vastness that we call "the Internet", and getting ready to attend tomorrow's memorial, my mom brought me a grim news: Car is dead, and there is no way I'm going anywhere with it until afternoon tomorrow. Hmm... wouldn't that be.... late?!

After much ado, a revised plan is made. I would take a bus (The ultimate irony! Ride a bus to the memorial service of someone who died in a bus accident, and then campaign for improved safety on buses!), then a ferry to Penang. An old friend of mine would pick me up from there (thank you, and to your parents too!).

In case you think I'm comfortable with buses already, the fact is NO! I'll be packing a first aid kit in my backpack. Besides, the Kulim => Butterworth bus trip is not a long-distance bus right? *gulp*

PS: To be fair, there are also a fair number of other unrelated occasions where I've packed a first aid kit. You know, just in case. In fact, a small first aid kit was one of the first things I bought while settling into my new house in Australia.

Memorial Service

Yeap, you heard the lady (see comments section of previous post), go to Nian'z memorial service and voice your anger, disappointment and sorrow over this tragedy. Of course, pay your respects Nian Ning too if you want.

The press corps will be there, and I'd suppose (almost) nothing screams "We want action!" better than a huge (but peaceful) crowd showing up on front page news. So please show up and show your support.

Here's a permalink to the post about the memorial service:

And for those who are not too familiar with Penang's geography, here's a map:

So please come to Mahindarama Temple on 3rd Feb 2008 (tomorrow! Sunday!) at 10am.

The more the merrier, because every little bit helps.

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