Sunday, February 03, 2008

Memorial Service, Post-event report/thoughts

Well, what do you know? I'm still alive! lol, ok. Joke's over.

Nian Ning's memorial service came and passed. The tiny hall was filled right up to the door, and indeed, the press showed up. However, I fear that only one paper sent their crew, because they all wear the same shirt. So far, only Sin Chew reported the event. Its good that they did mention the petition that is going on, but I'm worried about how much attention are we actually getting from this?

Nian Ning's memorial service (click to enlarge)

Note: At Sin Chew's website, you can switch between the traditional and simplified script by clicking a button on the top right corner.

There was a short (because they can't continue anymore) eulogy by some folks. It was touching, and the more I learn about this girl, the more I believe her death was a terrible, terrible loss. Definitely a loss for her friends and family. Almost certainly a lost to the community, and possibly, her dad might be right: a loss to the nation. What a loss... :(

A loss that shouldn't have happened.

On the way back, since I was already at a bus station, I picked up a ticket to KL for my sister's return trip after her CNY holidays. Sigh...

To be honest, I'm not very optimistic about this campaign.

If history could serve as a guide, then at worst, the government ignores this. They have been discrediting bloggers not too long ago anyway.

At best, they'll do the "fortnight fury, then no more story" routine. Yeah, a bunch of sting ops and then everything returns to the apathetic "normalcy".

The coming election is a double-edged sword. On the plus side, a politician might actually do something and say "look folks, I'm not deaf! I actually have a pair of perfectly usable ears!". Also, since it is generally agreed that Penang is an easy place to win and lose seats, maybe they'll be extra careful. All we need is publicity, yeap. Lots and lots of publicity.

On the minus side however, election-related news might take up valuable manpower and paper space from the press, as well as our badly needed publicity (not to mention the public's attention). In addition, who knows what if it ends up being just another politician's empty promise to give false hopes and get votes?

Regardless of all that pessimism, I'm giving this campaign my wholehearted support, call me stubborn/foolish/whatever-nasty-word-you've-just hatched-up if you like.

Nian Ning died in part because of apathy. Bus crashes have happened many times before, who cares? The survivors say the driver was SMS-ing, so what? Some say the driver was speeding on a rainy day, yawn... Oh no, the bus has 13 summons! meh, never mind.

Apathy kills! And I refuse to be a murderer. Say no to the "tidak apa" attitude! Do something, and make sure it lasts (for once! dammit!).

May miracle happens and reason prevails.
Otherwise, Vision 2020 doesn't even stand half-a-chance of succeeding.

Seriously, part of me wants to stay in Malaysia and enjoy the new house my parents are building, and Penang food of course.

The other part of me just wanna scoot and never look back. (now... now... escaping from responsibilities and reality aren't we? Sigh)

Yeah, this is what I wanna see, more publicity!

Guang Ming Daily (They've got pictures!)

The Star

Whoa... is it just me, or was there a 232 signature boost since I woke up an hour ago? I think it was 4250 signitures not too long ago, and now its 4482. Gotta love the media, eh?

Update again:
Approximately 2 1/2 hours since last update, the petition just hit 5000 signatures.Here is the screenshot of it happening.

As usual, just click for a larger image. You could have seen the date too in the screenshot, but a friend of mine popped up and I didn't notice, lol. Anyway, the dateline reads: is Monday, 4 February 2008.

Its amazing, that means since 10.00am, we're getting 3.5 signatures PER MINUTE. And I'd swear, at some point there must have been one every 5 secs or so. Simply amazing... an overall average of approximately 42 signatures per hour.

PS: In the 30 mins it took me to add this update, another 143 people pledged their support.


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