Sunday, April 06, 2008

What happened since last post

  • I hate politicians, but I can't help but be amazed by Penang's and Perak's new MB. Hope they keep this up. BN must be in a total rout and disarray, lol.

  • Easter break was great, I went to the Sydney Royal Easter Show with Mei Zhi and Sandra, both my juniors from HSC. It was an enjoyable day out watching all those shows. Well, except it rained a little while. Hmm... maybe that wasn't such a bad thing because 2 girls cuddled under my umbrella *blush* :p

    Snapped about 700 photos.

    Fireworks + Laser show finale at Royal Easter Show

  • Broke my mouse and keyboard, but thankfully not both at the same time. Dell replaced the keyboard for free while I bought a wireless mouse that comes with a charging station. No need to worry about batteries, just hook the mouse up to the charging station before I sleep. The mouse can last about a week before needing to recharge anyway.

  • I went for first aid training. The official name for the course was "Senior First Aid, Workplace Level 2". It's a 2 day course that cost AUD95 for students. It was very easy and I find it enjoyable. I hope I would never have to use my first aid kit, but if the time comes, at least I'll be ready.

    I think I "kissed" the CPR mannequins too hard. I ended up with lacerations in my inner lip thanks to having my teeth rubbing against it. Ouch, it still hurts.

    Mannequins for CPR training, minus the face masks. Creepy aren't they?

  • In view of my recent completion of first aid training, WUSA wants to send me for office occupational health and safety training. What the hell is that about?

  • On behalf for the Malaysian Association for Students, I helped sell some kuih on Diversity Week Market Day. Specifically, we sold kuih sago and kuih bakar. Made AUD43 in net profit :D

    That's pretty good money for just 4 trays of kuih.

  • I went to a local pharmacy, asking for B.P.C. Standard Wound Dreassing No. 14. She have me a clueless look. I eventually bought them at another pharmacy downtown a few days later.

    BPC Standard Wound Dressing is basically a sterile combine dressing with a bandage attached. It is used to control heavy bleeding by applying pressure, absorbing blood, and protecting the wound from infection. It usually comes in 3 sizes: 13, 14 and 15, 15 being the largest.

  • Bought 2 hot packs and a few pairs of warm socks. They're a blessing in the cold weather!

  • Bought a new lens, the EF 70-200mm f/4L IS USM, aka the little while lens. I've always ridiculed photography for having accessories that are pricier than the main thing, and this is one of those "accessories".

    Man... all the things I've been through to save up the $$$, but it was worth every penny! The performance of this lens is unbelievable! Other than making it smaller, lighter and less conspicuous (black instead of white?), I don't see how is it possible to make a better telephoto zoom lens.

    That being said, the size and weight is still bearable. I still remember my first attempt at lifting someone's EF 70-200mm f/2.8L USM. It was even larger and nearly twice as heavy. Strictly gym-bugs only.

  • Yesterday was my housemate's birthday. We went to a Vietnamese restaurant called "Mylan" downtown. I had their "Special Vermicelli". Pretty good stuff, and the wine (I'd swear I didn't order it, it was already on the table) was one of the better ones I've tried, not that I'm an seasoned wine drinker (I think this would be my 4th glass in my lifetime) and I didn't like it that much anyway.

    Special Vermicelli. The bowl was big enough to be my helmet!

    After half a glass, I was very tipsy. Just short of being drunk. Yeah... I suck, and that means I don't want to cycle home. So I walked around the mall with the gang until I feel better, about 4 hours later.

    Bought a book on philosophy while I'm at it. The tittle reads "The Great Philosophers: The Lives and Ideas of History's Greatest Thinkers". Interesting.

  • Speaking of birthdays, mine was rather uneventful except for some well wishes over the phone and MSN. Thanks, you've all made my day :)

  • Highly recommended documentary:

    Look right for links to download or stream it.

    The book "Where Monsoons Meet: A People's History of Malaya" is good too, its a comical history of Malay from prehistory to Independence, with a heavy focus on European imperialism in Malaya. It gives a different perspective of Malayan history compared to our textbooks too: the people's perspective.

    For those who like conspiracy theories, try "MAY 13: Declassified Documents on the Malaysian Riots of 1969", which alleges that the riots were not a random event as suggested by the official version, but was planned by certain elements within UMNO to overthrow Tunku Abdul Rahman.

  • I'm wearing gloves to bed nowadays, lol.

  • A reporter wants to do a story about international students being harassed. Finally! Now my job is to grab a few people for him to interview. This won't be easy, but I hope something good turns out.

  • Wow.... I've got an anonymous comment. How cool is that :|
    Someone actually reads this, lol.

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