Sunday, May 25, 2008

An Obituary

Dad sent me an obituary today, its my uncle's. I feel like banging head on the wall taking so long (posthumous!) to learn about his life, especially since I've always been curious how he got his medal.

The good old "run into a burning building to save someone" good deed. I'm proud to have known him. I wonder how aunty is doing.

Other business:
My housemate had a rather nasty cut on his finger last night, so I stopped the bleeding, closed the wound with wound closure tapes, and dressed it. Next morning, we removed the bandage, and he insisted to have the tape removed, although I recommended that it stayed longer.

The result? The wound reopens! So I'm back to Square-1, and get to do it all over again. By noon today, I have used up all my alcohol and iodine swabs, and my medium-sized combined dressings. I get to sterilise my scissors and forceps all over again too. 200 degrees Celsius for 2 hours, how much electricity is that?

Must have been painful, serves him right. He better not do that again, or I'll just ask him to borrow a sanitary napkin and use it to stop the bleeding. (As funny as it sounds, it actually works. Its sterile, and its highly absorbent)

I have since replenished most of my first aid kit, although I only managed to find alcohol swabs in bulk, a box of 200 swabs, lol.

Grandpa is breathing from an oxygen mask. Sigh

Thursday, May 22, 2008


No. This post has nothing to do with the "Sins of a Solar Empire" game. Instead, I'm talking about racial unity.

Yeap, after centuries of silence, one music video caught my attention. Although I normally prefer classical music over pop any day, this one just takes the cake. I LOVE IT. I love the message, I love the lyrics, and and I love tune.

So here it is!, enjoy!

Oh, and spread the word!

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