Thursday, July 31, 2008


What happened last month:

Grandpa died :-0
And I was nowhere near him during his last moments! Surely he wanted to see me just one more time.

Oh dear... what a wonderful grandson I am. At least I managed to speak to him over the phone weeks earlier, but still...

At least he didn't have to suffer for years battling disease, and his passing was peaceful, at a ripe old age of 90. It's the best one could hope for I guess. But... sigh.

Oh well, the dead must rest while the living must move on, I'd suppose.

But........ sigh.

Dad seems to have taken lots of photos during the funeral rites, and posted it on the internet for the relatives (like me :( ) who couldn't attend. Oh dear, the tumour has really taken a toll on him, so thin!

His body was cremated, and his ashes were spread across the sea, right between the mid-span of Penang Bridge, and the ferry route between the mainland and Penang Island. I used to cross that strait almost every week, but the next time I do, I won't look at it the same way again. I still remember grandpa making that request when he was very much healthy (for a man of his age) and alive, it was so that the waves can carry him on a round-the-world trip.

Judging from the photos, it was stormy weather with choppy seas that day.

Enjoy your trip!

Not a bad idea actually. If I have an eternalty to spend, I don't want to spend it in some lousy wooden box or ceramic jar.

Ahh... the good old days. I'll miss him fondly. Greatest grandpa one could ever ask :')

What happened last week:

In what might be the single biggest life-changing events in my life, I have decided to quit studying science, and go into journalism.

The decision wasn't an easy one. I love science, and I would still say that today and well into the future. However, I simply can't do science. Why? Because I can't do math, and screwing up chemistry. I should have listened to all the warning signs instead of spending 1 1/2 years in Australia doing this (along with the associated costs!).

And so, in search of alternatives and to avoid making the same mistake twice, I consulted a counsellor. The first one was next-to-useless, he recommended me to use a website called After answering a number of quizzes, it narrowed my career choices down to...... a 13 page long list, ranging from Airforce Officers (hellooooo~ I've got less than perfect vision!) to repairing furniture (what?!).

The second counsellor was much more helpful. She answered quite a number of questions for me, along with the one about career choices. After describing myself, she suggested journalism, which sounded like a "Eureka moment" to me (minus the jumping out of a bathtub and run around town part).

She recommended the career on basis that:

1) I have excellent language skills.
2) I am highly computer literate and can touch type (means typing without looking at the keyboard).
3) I have a broad range of interests.
4) I love to travel.
5) I shoot good pictures.
6) I'm an INFP.

Yup, I'll be home in time for Merdeka, and I'll be looking for a journalism course.

I wonder if I would ever get a job with NatGeo?

What happened over the last day:

I spoke to an acquaintance of mine who happens to be the chief editor of a photography magazine back home. I asked him what would he be looking for if he were to hire a fresh graduate to write some articles for my favourite photography mag.

He never answered my question, but instead lamented on the quality of the journalism courses in Malaysia, or at least the quality of the interns he has been getting.

An so, I wrote emails to 3 different institutions expressing my concerns about what my friend has to say, and ask them to convince me they're better than that. Its not too much to ask is it? After all, that's what their marketing people are paid for. Unfortunately, so far only UCSI replied while Lim Kok Wing University of Creative Arts and Taylors did not.

Of course, there are a few other institutions that offer this course, but I didn't bother to send an email. That's usually because I don't like their course structure for some reason. In one example, I counted about five politics subjects throughout the course. Eww... no thanks. Malaysian politics is like one big Hong Kong series now. A very absent-minded person might even mistake our newspapers for an adults-only novel with the word "sodomy" thrown about so liberally.

In any case, I spent the day writing reminders to the two institutions. Don't say I'm merciless, lol.

What happened over the last hour:

Late at night.

Stomach growling.

But I don't feel like cooking a full-on meal.

I know! I'll make dessert instead!

Inspired by mom's dong fun in sugar + screwpine leaf syrup, I boiled some noodles and quickly cooled it in cold water to give it a bit more elasticity. No screwpines? No problem! I happened to have some juice mix in the fridge, its apple + pineapple juice. Add some sugar syrup too!

And... there we go! A nice cold bowl of dessert. The yellow colour from the fruit juice has made it look like someone has vomited noodles onto my bowl. And it tastes like... Mmm... it tastes like vomit too!


The noodles were too stiff and bland, the "soup" was too sweet and tasted odd. The whole thing was flawed. Good thing I didn't push on with my science studies, or I might blow up the lab. Yuck! Won't be trying that stunt again any time soon.

*Gnaws on bread (which is supposed to be breakfast) for supper instead.*

What will happen over the next hour:

I will sleep.

Pure genius of an idea isn't it?

What will happen over the next day:

Grocery shopping, and buying stuff for bicycle maintenance in anticipation of selling it. I have already found someone willing to buy my heater as soon as I leave. Yay.

What will happen over the next week:

Get ready to go home. I need to donate some stuff, sell some more, maybe ship some home, and carry the rest on the plane.

What will happen over the next month:

Attend farewell parties.

Eat Penang Char Kuey Teow!!! (Kulim also can)

A bit of entertainment for my readers. I find the chorus VERY catchy. In fact, I was humming this tune as I typed half this post. Enjoy!

I'd bet PETA will love this song, and I'm certainly NOT talking about People Eating Tasty Animals!

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