Friday, April 10, 2009

If I’m the Prime Minister of Malaysia

Hmm… what should I do?

Home Affairs

  1. All documents produced by the current administration onwards and held in public record shall be made available on request by its citizens. Documents kept by the government produced by the prior administration will be made available in 10 years from the date I take office (this is about transparency, not a witch hunt).

    The administrative cost of such requests will be fully funded by taxpayer money, up to no more than what the governments spends on pamphlets, public service announcements, and the like. The requests will be handled by an office set up for this purpose in each government agency, unless concerns of of privacy and national security outweigh the public interests served by the disclosure of the document, in which case the sensitive information will be censored or the request denied altogether.

    In case a request is denied or certain information is censored, a formal letter detailing the name of the withheld document and the reasons for withholding the information must be given. If the applicant is not satisfied, he has the right to appeal in a special tribunal.

    In case you’re still wondering, yes I’m talking about a Freedom of Information Act. btw, scrap OSA with immediate effect.

  2. Repeal the Internal Security Act with immediate effect. All ISA prisoners are to be released.

  3. All press and societies must register with the government. However, the government shall not reject or revoke any completed application.

  4. Within 1 year, deregulate the press and set up a full-fledged press council free from government and corporate interference. Swedish style maybe. The council will also manage a trust fund, funded partially by the government, to help smaller presses remain independent.

  5. Racial quotas of any form are scrapped, including places in public universities, civil service, companies… ect. Each person is to be judged by their own merits.

  6. All ministers are to have their conversations recorded, transcribed and published online every day, except when they are not on duty. They are strictly forbidden to discuss affairs of the government affairs when the microphones are switched off.

  7. Independent Police Complaints and Misconduct Commission. Get to work in 3 months. Period.

  8. All air-conditioned public buildings are to set their air conditioners to no less than 25 degrees Celsius, on the lowest fan speed.

  9. All public buildings must be disabled-friendly.

  10. Waive the requirement to report one’s “race” when filling up government documents, including the identity card.


  1. The defence budget (what little left of it anyway, bwahahaha~) will be reoriented to emphasize on border security. Amongst the things on the shopping list are maritime patrol aircraft (both rotary and fixed wing), patrol boats, and new transport helicopters to replace the aging Nuri fleet.

    No more fancy fighters and subs.


  1. In 5 years, review and revamp the education system with the aim of replacing it with one that emphasize on thought over memory, creativity over the uninspired, and debate over passivity. (Hmm… the Waldorf system looks interesting…)

  2. Scrap the vernacular schools in favour of a single public school system.

  3. Education is free up to the undergraduate level. That includes exercise books ect. (Cuba did it, don’t tell me we can’t)

Economy and infrastructure

  1. Anti-trust laws. Say “no” to monopolies. I’m looking at you, TM.

  2. Develop a recycling industry, partly funded by public money until it becomes profitable.

  3. Develop the tourism, agriculture, and various other industries with the goal of:
    -  Making them less oil-dependent
    - Prepare the national economy in event we become an oil importer.

  4. Improve public transport system and provide sheltered bicycle lanes and bicycle parking areas, while simultaneously levying higher road tax.

  5. Legalise electric bicycles, which may have a motor no more than 250W in power.

  6. Electrify all railroads and decommission the current fleet of diesel locomotives.

Public Health

  1. Make it a legal requirement that smokers seek consent of all those within sniffing-range before lighting up.

  2. Subsidise the price of local vege, but not meat.


  1. Repeal Section 377 :p

All these are going to make me so damn unpopular. I mean, scrap all racial quotas and vernacular schools? In one go? xD. I’m gonna get assassinated.

Well, that’s what I can think of anyway, at least for now. So what’s on your wish list? Write it on your blog and link it here!


Blogger Titus Tang said...

Your country would flourish if you were a dictator.

You'll be dead if you were a elected representative.


April 10, 2009 10:50 PM  
Blogger Sun Tzu II said...

I do not doubt your words my friend xD. Politically dead at least.

April 10, 2009 11:06 PM  

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