Saturday, August 15, 2009

The Bibliophile in Me

I went to Kinokuniya today, the second time this month. I bought a few books and magazines, even though I haven’t finished the books from my last purchase, and the purchase before, and the purchase before…

Every time I go to KLCC, I just had to make the detour. Once I get in there, I am tempted to buy the whole bookshop.

Uhm… maybe half?

Oh dear…
I need to keep this habit in check. I’m almost spending more on books than on film. Heck I need to keep BOTH in check!

I blame the flood of assignments and lack of decent libraries =x


Written Discourse final exam is coming soon. After this I can go home, sip on tea, listen to the birds, enjoy the breeze, and read all I want ^^



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