Sunday, August 16, 2009

Kuala Lumpur Photography Festival

Ilford DD-X Film Developer (1 Litre)                         - RM72

4 x Ilford Delta 400 B&W Film                                  - RM68

4 x Kodak T-Max 400 B&W Film (reusable canisters)  - RM42

Exchanging contacts with a printmaker                     - Priceless


His website:


B&W film looks really nice where it belongs: on print. The photos on that website are first printed the old-fashioned way and THEN scanned, rather than the other way ‘round.

This guy told me that he snaps more than 100 rolls of film a year. If only I can afford the time and money to do the same.

Going back to the festival today, I think I’ll buy more film.



Ended up with 5 rolls of T-Max instead of 4.


Also, I’ve just developed one of those Delta 400 film. Due to sloppy handling (especially the drying part), I think I’ve scratched it quite a bit. Oh dear, oh dear…

Note to self:
Just hair dryer on coldest setting instead of microfiber cloth.


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